Judicial and extrajudicial advice, biddings law, disciplinary proceedings, administrative improbity.


Defenses in administrative and judicial proceedings, appeals of fines, representations in public civil actions, advice on environmental legislation, obtaining licenses and authorizations, participation in public hearings and negotiation of terms of conduct adjustment.


The Company has outstanding work in the area of ​​Civil Law, accumulating 60 years of experience, especially in the negotiation of contracts, indemnification actions and in the processes of family and business succession.


Preventive consulting, compliance with Anti-Corruption Law guidelines, implementation of risk management programs, formulation of policies and guidelines for ethics and integrity, elaboration of code of ethics, establishment of integrity and auditing mechanisms and procedures.


Administrative and judicial advice to consumers and suppliers, elaboration of compliance systems, courses and advice.


Succession planning, coexistence contracts, indemnifications, separations, divorces, custody, alimony, inventories and wills.


Defenses, representations, criminal complaints, appeals, regime progression, pen and habeas corpus reviews.

Social security

Revision lawsuits, retirements, assistances, pensions and calculations.


Preparation and review of contracts, advice on merger, acquisition, succession and corporate restructuring projects.


Proposition and defense of individual and collective actions, both in administrative and judicial proceedings, preventive consulting, reports preparation, courses and advice on labor legislation.